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Check out our FAQ’s below and then contact us if you have any further questions.


Do you travel across the country? We travel within the continental United States and will consider travel to other countries.

How soon do I need to book a show? You can never book a show too soon! If you need a specific date, we highly recommend that you book now.

How many people are in your travel party? Typically 10-12.

What kind of facility is required to hold a CWF show? A gym, parking lot or another flat surface large enough to hold a 20’x20′ ring.

Do you offer school assemblies? Yes. Please visit our information page on school assemblies.

What if I can’t afford the initial cost of a CWF show? You can offset the cost by charging admission to the show or asking other churches to help sponsor the event.

What size area is needed to set up the ring? The ring is 20’x20′. If the show going to take place inside, the ceiling must be a minimum of 20′ tall.

What does the church need to provide? We bring the ring and wrestlers. The church provides a sound system and food while we are there. The church also provides hotel or we can stay with church family members if it is possible.

How much does it cost? Call Rob Vaughn (214/460-0477) or e-mail to get pricing. Pricing fluctuates depending upon the event. Factors include:

  • location of the event
  • cost to travel
  • how many days
  • number of events

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