The CWF offers you the opportunity to become a professional wrestler.

We will teach you everything from the mat wrestling to high flying moves and how to work the mic.

Tim Storm and The New York Nightmare

You must be eighteen (18) years old to attend. All trainees must attend and participate in Bible Studies, ring practice (twice a week) and event setup.

Training lasts six months, and at this time we do not provide jobs or housing. We can help you with some leads for those.

An initial $200 deposit is required and monthly payments of $100 will be collected for 10 months.

Acceptance to the school is considered a contract, so if you are not interested in a long-term commitment, then ask about summer internships!

All training takes place in the CWF headquarters in Rockwall, TX.

Want to learn more?

Contact Rob Vaughn for more information.

Watch CWF training in action:


Video footage from CWF’s Kids Training Camp in May 2009: