Book the CWF for your next school assembly

We have separate school assemblies for Elementary, Junior High and High School

By using professional wrestling to gain young people’s attention, we can reach their hearts and share even more powerful messages full of hope and purpose!

Some of the teen issues that the Christian Wrestling Federation deals with include:

  • Anti Drug & Alcohol
  • Respect for Authority
  • Anti-Bullying
  • Goals & Dreams
  • Good Character
  • Rejection & Hope

The CWF can impact your school and America’s youth with messages that inspire and motivate students to be the best they can be. The CWF has a heart for young people and will captivate them with clean pro wrestling, humor and highly motivational messages by top notch pro wrestling athletes.

View a sample of what you can expect:

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shilohCan the Christian Wrestling Federation impact our schools?

The answer is simply, “Yes we can!” the Christian Wrestling Federation is dedicated to reaching America’s youth with a timely message of inspiration and motivation. The Christian Wrestling Federation strives to meet students where they are and encourage them to be the best they can be.

One of the reasons the Christian Wrestling Federation is so successful in helping students is because they understand the problems that young people face today. All of the Christian Wrestling Federation team has a real heart for young people, ministry and spend time working with them one-on-one also.

By using professional wrestling and a highly motivational message, the Christian Wrestling Federation is able to capture the attention of students and inspire them to new levels of achievement. Because the Christian Wrestling Federation’s team is comprised of men from a variety of backgrounds, they are able to deal with many important issues young people face.

crowdWith a name like the Christian Wrestling Federation, is your team going to talk about religion or Christianity?
Answer: Every member the Christian Wrestling Federation team is a Christian athlete. This is not the mission or purpose of our school assemblies. There are no religious messages in our assemblies, unless we are requested to do so by the school principal.

What do you talk about in your assemblies?
Answer: It really depends on the age group we are talking to. In our elementary school programs we focus mainly on character, goals and anti-bullying. In the junior high assemblies, we talk about drug and alcohol abuse, respect for authority and hope and rejection.

We like to talk to principals beforehand to see what issues are affecting their school. The CWF assemblies will enhance and encourage your students.

How long do your assemblies last?
Answer: We would like to have at least thirty to forty minutes per assembly.

How much will it cost?
The average school assembly cost is $500. Many schools find this affordable to be able to impact the youth of the community and possibly their own families.

What does the CWF bring?
CWF brings the wrestling ring, assembly speakers and wrestlers, rubber mats to protect the gym floor and pro wrestling belts. We do not carry insurance and will gladly sign any release of liability your district requires.

How can I book the Christian Wrestling Federation for my school assembly?
Answer: E-mail Rob Vaughn at: or call: (214)460-0477